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It's probably no surprise that Affordable Home Inspection Inc. will claim that they offer the best rates and most thorough inspections within a 100-mile radius around Richmond. It's true, but we expect you feel more reassured hearing directly from a few of our past customers.

I had a home inspector in the Richmond area that we used for all of our inspections — however, I ran across a client that did not like the prices that he was charging. We were in search for an inspector that charged a better rate, so we took it upon ourselves to start interviewing inspectors in the Richmond area.


We were referred to Affordable Home Inspection Inc. When we called, Jeremy Rowan answered the phone. My dad and I were totally impressed with his knowledge of homes so we thought we would give him a try. We met Jeremy at the house, and went through the complete inspection with him. I learned more about a house in that one inspection than I could have ever thought imaginable.


Our client was very impressed and so were we. Ever since that inspection several years ago, we have used Jeremy Rowan for all of our home inspections! Jeremy is very personable and extremely knowledgeable at what he does. In fact, I don’t think anyone can come close to the service he provides, and the knowledge he possesses and provides to his clients about homes.


We always ask our clients what they thought about their home inspection, and they have given him unbelievable reviews. I cannot say enough nice things about Jeremy’s knowledge and professionalism. He is by far the best at what he does, and I would highly recommend him without hesitation to anyone.


- Alan King, Larry King Realty

Trust us to test for the most serious household hazards.

•  Mold

•  Water

•  Lead

•  Radon


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I want to tell you how very impressed and pleased I am with your home inspection report. It is so clear, detailed, fully explained, and easily understood. It was so very thorough and in-depth. Also, speaking with you was very informative, and I really feel that you certainly were looking out for my best interests, for which I am most grateful.  


My son, who is a general contractor, read your report and said it was the most thorough inspection report that he has ever seen. Your report was a very valuable guide for us to know what items required repair on our recently purchased home. I also feel that having the knowledge of what these repair items cost was invaluable, and helped us to negotiate a better price for our new home.


It gives me great peace of mind knowing that our home was so thoroughly inspected, and is a safe place for myself and my grandchildren to live in.


- Marilyn Y. Nyman, Ashland

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